Пятница, 25 Май, 2018

Видео обозрение «Мой Торонто»


Видео обозрение «Мой Торонто» — ТВ канал о людях и событиях  канадского города Торонто!!
Заходите у нас супер интересно!!

Мой Торонто» видео обозрение: Отмечая 120 лет со дня его рождения Евгения Шварца, Русский Молодежный Театр в Торонто поставил премьерный спектакль по мотивам замечательной пьесы . У сказки «Золушка», написанной в 1946 году, тоже юбилей — 70 лет.


My Toronto” video review:
Ottawa. 1 July 2016. Justin Trudeau’s Canada Day message: Happy Birthday Canada!
«Before July 1, 1867, there was a Canada West and a Canada East. There was an Upper Canada and a Lower Canada. There was always a division. Today, we celebrate the day, exactly 149 years ago, when the people of this great land came together, and forged one nation, one country – Canada.
From the outset, Canada was formed not in spite of differences, but because of them. Thanks to the hard work and understanding between many cultural and religious communities, Canada is the diverse, inclusive, and compassionate country that we are fortunate to call home today.
This Canada Day, let us celebrate our shared Canadian identity and take pride in everything we have achieved together since Confederation. We stand as a testament to the fact that a prosperous and hopeful nation can be as united as it is diverse.
Coast to coast to coast, Canadians share many values – values like kindness, generosity, and respect. Whether we are fundraising for Fort Mac, or welcoming Syrian refugees into our communities, we support each other in our times of need. We stand together.
Today, let us resolve to make our country better for our children and grandchildren, and remember that Canada will only be at its best when we all succeed.
On behalf of our family, Sophie and I wish you and your loved ones a very happy Canada Day.»
(The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Ottawa, Ontario. 1 July 2016 )


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